Robotic Welding On Beams Of Crane

an automated Robot Welding On Beams Of Crane was introduced into production line of mines. The initial investment of project is 1.2 billion. More than 20 robots need to be purchased. they are equipped with welding robots and automated tool. Only one or two people in one line are responsible for maintenance operations.the capacity of production line of beams of crane will be 160 pairs a day. The quality and efficiency of welding will be further improved.

qigo robotic welding systems

Six Axis 3d Robot Automatic Welding Layout

The automatic beams of crane production line are consisting of 2 sets of CNC lathes, 1 set of imported six-axis joint robots, 1 set of double-station hand-claw systems, 1 set of self-made eight-station circulating silos, 1 turning station, 1 electric The control cabinet and a set of peripheral protection interlocking with the robot safety interlock. The Grasping ability of robot is 20kg, the arm radius is 1811mm, and the accuracy of repeating positioning is ±0.08mm; the double-station gripper can grab in 12 seconds. Quickly complete the loading and unloading from machine tool, the service life will be more than 4 million times; the 8-station circulating silo can be compatible with the diameter of the parts: Φ50mm~Φ220mm,The load is 100kg for each station,and the height of the material is 400mm.

Six Axis 3d Robot Automatic Welding Layout for gear production line of mine

Robotic Welding Machine For Beams Of Crane

Robotic Welding Machine For Beams Of Crane

Mining Company:Why we need Robotic Welding Systems For Inseam Welding??

we have updated the crane production process Because of the production limit, but The daily output of single-girder cranes still cannot meet the needs of customers.we have installed a series of welding robots, including the current single beam crane main beams internal joint robot welding line. We will work hard on the welding quality.

qigo robot welding machine
  • High efficiency The welding robot has a short response time and rapid action, and the welding speed is 60-120 cm/min, which is much higher than manual welding (40-60 cm/min). The robot can be running 24 hours without interruption
  • 2 good quality the robot will repeat this action accurately as long as the welding parameters and motion trajectory is given, welding effect of robot welding will be different from welding parameters such as welding current, voltage, welding speed and weld dry elongation,welding Speed, dry elongation, etc. But the welding effect of manual welding is change of individual reasons, and it is difficult to have uniformity of quality. but the welding parameters of each weld are constant.
  • 3. low cost.One robot can replace two to four industrial workers. The robot has no fatigue and can be continuously working 24 hours a day. In addition, with the application of high-speed and high-efficiency welding technology, The decrease of cost will be more.
  • 4. Easy to arrange production plans Due to the high repeatability of the robot, as long as the parameters are corrected,the robot will always follow the it is easy to control the output of the product.
qigo automated welding systems

Refueling time of automatic production line of robot is about 12 seconds

The refueling time of automatic line robot is about 12 seconds, which including auxiliary time such as chuck air blowing during refueling, so that the outputting time of 3d robot can be shortened than manual operation by 20 seconds, in addition, the operating time of the equipment is guaranteed. the operating time of manual production line is 6 hours only but it would be 8 hours for production line of robot. The automatic line are 20%-25% effective than the manual line device. so the automatic line have greatly improved the production efficiency of the manual line product. The loading and unloading from the automatic line machine as well as the posture reversal is all automatically executed by the robot, Therefore, the consistency of the automatic line products and the welding quality is guaranteed.

custom welding robot manufacturers for 10.5m to 22.5m

Do you want to know how to program a robotic welder?

the robotic welding machine has been equipped with four Japanese Qigo welding robots. It can weld the standard products of 10.5m to 22.5m in various specifications. The One-time welding range includes the bottom, side and slats of the ribs .

Qigo Robotic Welding Arm For Inseam Welding Of Single Beam Crane

qigo robotic welding arm for inseam welding of single beam crane