Laser Cutting Machine Configuration

It is a Completed system including linear drive, cutting & welding system, controller and collimation unit.The different is that we have an error signal occurs when a collision occurs,eg. the cable is damaged, or the measurement area tolerance is is Easy to connect all connections (top) with Optical components and water-cooled systems for fiber optic sockets,All water guiding parts are made of stainless steel

Qigo 1000W Metal Laser Cutting Machine On Carton Steel

Fiber laser head Of Laser Cutting Machine

The average lifetimne of laser cutting machine is 80,000 hours. for example,People's life is 100 years old, but they are retirement after 70 years old.So high possibility the retiring age of machine is 40,000 hours.The average attenuation rate(reduce rate) is 3%-5% based on different brand.When you do machine's power budgeted, you need to get the enough tolerance/allowance power left for future need.Laser power attenuation:it will be reducing 8%-10% power in 6,000-hour, and 18% attenuation in 12000 hours. The Qigo's fiber laser generator supplier produced by Shenzhen Chuangxin.The advantages of the laser generator are High electro-optical conversion rate,Excellent beam quality,Long service life,Low overall cost of use and maintenance free.

  • Domestic Brand: Wuhan Ruike,Shenzhen Chuangxin,Zhongke Zhongmei,Zhongke Guanghui,Shanghai Feibo,Shanghai Tianxing,Tianjin 46
  • Import Brand: Germany IPG,United States N-light,Germany Rofin UK SPI
head and lens structure of laser cutting machine

The Structure Of Bed and Beam of Laser Cutting Machine

the Weight of 1530 laser machine is 5500kgs, and 6800 kgs for 1560.Other manufacturers's weight is only half(2500 to 4500kgs),The structure of bed body which should have stress-relief,Bed pass by strict Annealing vibration aging so as to make sure the rigidity and stability of lathe.

all aluminum beam structure of laser cutting machine
occlusal welded structure bed of laser cutting machine

Gear Wheel/Rack and Pinion/Guide Rail

The transmission parts we buy from Taiwan YYC precision helical gear rack and P-class linear guide which has a high precision, the maximum running speed is 60m/min, positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/m, repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.03mm

H class Rails and racks of laser cutting machine

Servo Motors Of Laser Cutting Machine

qigo's supplier of servo motor is Japanese Mitsubishi which has good dynamic responseand realizes high-degree positioning,stability,precision and maintenance free.

Speed reducer and Fiber Laser Generator Of Laser Cutting Machine

The supplier of qigo is imported Xinbao reducer from Japan. the advantage of backlash is less than 3 arcmin in High rigidity and torque. The integral roller bearings help to increase rigidity and torque. Grease-free leakage: the Use high-viscosity and non-separable grease will be used to prevent grease leakage. Easy maintenance: no need to change grease during the life of the product.

reducer and servo motor of laser cutting machine

10. Industrial constant temperature air conditioner

The electrical parts such as laser, computer, driver, etc. are placed in a separate electrical cabinet, and an industrial constant temperature air conditioner is installed to keep the working temperature in the cabinet under (23 ° C), it would be effectively improving the durability and service life of the laser.

Industrial constant temperature air conditioner

Control system And Qigo Database Of Laser Cutting Machine

The CNC control system consists of PC control system, the drive and its servo motor. The laser CNC system is used to represent the most professional laser machining CNC system. High-speed machine tools require extremely short block cycle times (PA reaches 7200 blocks/sec) and special control algorithms and communication functions. The "Adaptable Read-Ahead" function will do the pre-work before program, and calculate the maximum feed rate within the programming parameters and limits to meet the requirements of complex machining.We Have a Qigo database in cutting parameter which can modify the laser cutting process parameters in real time in the interface.

laser cutting machine client

Software and Fastcam Of Laser Cutting Machine

Cypcut and Cuytube is a powerful metal tube cutting system and intelligent typesetting software that includes laser cutting process processing, nesting.You can have graphical processing, parameter settings, custom cutting editing, nesting, path planning, simulation, and more.

Software Of Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine Working Requirements

  • Power supply capacity: 20KVA
  • Rated output voltage: 380V/50Hz
  • Three-phase voltage stability +10%
  • Volume: 0.6 m3 Nominal pressure: 20 bar

Installation and Training

We will provide the user with a layout plan in 30 days after the signing of the business contract, (including the civil engineering and water, electricity, gas consumption and piping, interfaces, etc. required for equipment installation).
The 1st training time is 1 week which will be learnning in our factory, and the 2rd training time is 2 weeks.You can learn equipment maintenance, operation, laser protection, processing technology, graphic editing,and a basic knowledge of AutoCAD drawings.
(4) Warranty
1. the warranty time is one year. If there are quality problems with the components of the system during the warranty period, our service engineers will provide telephone or on-site service at any time. The telephone response is within 2 hours and the on-site service is within 24 hours.

1000W Feature of Laser Cutting Machines

  • Dimensions 3500*1550*2000
  • Models:QG-MODEL-1000W
  • Producing Range:3000*1500
  • Maximum laser power:1000W
  • Height:Auto Tracking
  • Minimum line width:0.15mm
  • Pulse frequency:1-5000Hz
  • Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
  • Positioning:Red Light
  • The Consumption:≤15kw
  • Power:380V/50Hz/60Hz/80A

ALL Parts/Fitting List

  • 1. fiber laser MFMC-1000W| MFSC-1000W from Shenzhen Chuangxin Supplier
  • 2. laser cutting head | custom cutting head from Laser Mach
  • 3. machine bed | 1 set from Fujian KanGong Supplier
  • 4. Linear Guide | No.HGL30HA2R from Taiwan HWIN Supplier
  • 5. Servo motor and driver | HG-JE152/102/401 from Mitsubishi Japan Supplier
  • 6. XY-axis Speed reducer | VRB-090 from Japan Xinbao Supplier
  • 7. Helical gear / rack YYC | YYC M3-25-6 From Taiwan YYC Supplier
  • 8. Control cabinet | 1 set From Fujian Kangong Supplier
  • 9. Machine Tool | 1 Set From Fujian Kangong Supplier

CNC and software systems

1 CNC system | FSCUT3000 from China BaiChu supplier 2 Industrial Computer | IPC 608 From Taiwan yanhua supplier

CNC and software systems

1 water-cooled chillers systems Standard | 1000W Chiller from Wuhan Hanli supplier
2 Automatic oil filling system | From Michelle supplier
3 air conditioner | From Shanghai Shunyi supplier
4 exhaust system | From pipeline reserved supplier
5 Trolley | From Fujian supplier

Operating Efficiency

Speed:59 meter/Min