About QIGO

  • unloading and loading platform
  • Different Material Optimized strategies
  • Optimized cutting gas
  • Select correct Power
  • Software Optimized settings

How can we speed up the laser cutting machine?

The laser cutting's thickness and speed is decided by laser generating and cutting air only.It has nothing to do with brand of laser generating and cutting head.The cutting speed are related to gas, software,material unloading and loading platform .for example.it would be speed up if you change into small core diameter of laser cutting generator.You can run a speed of 18 meters at 1.2mm stainless steel.in addition.You can speed up 20% by Automatic zoom at thickness.

  • unloading and loading platform - 50% Speed Up
  • Different optimization strategies for thick and 1mm sheets metal- 15% Speed Up
  • Different cutting gas - 15% Speed Up
  • Software settings-Speed Up 10%
  • Select correct Power - 10% Speed Up

Laser cutting's 3 problems

  • Why we need laser cutting machine?
  • What kinds of laser cutting machine we need?
  • Who's laser cutting machine we buy?

1.Material loader and unloader time- Speed up 50% of the work efficiency

As we know that the cutting speed of high power is quickening than low power. but what if 1000 watts + unloading and loading platform VS 2000 watts single table?Does the exchange table help 1000watts overcome the 2000 watts?Which one do you think is faster?actually 1000 watts will win the battle. the width of rolled plate will be no more than 150 cms, the length of cold rolled plate will be no more than 300cm,It takes the same time to cut the rolled plate as well as a processing in loading and unloading.eg. High possibility It takes 6-9 minutes to cut a cold rolled plate by laser and it takes extra 6-9 minutes in loading and unloading each time in single table(non-exchange table) unless you are doing crafts cutting or graphic laser cutting, It was unthinkable that it takes only 3 minutes to cut the metal sheet from some of our kitchen clients, do you finds that it has been delayed for 6 to 9 minutes in material loader and unloader time, So the best way to speed up is saving the time of loader and unloader .We advise that the first step to improve efficiency is to use the unloading and loading platform or you can purchase 600cm exchange table instead of. Because It makes up a share (50%) of the increasing work efficiency.

2.Automatic focused -Speed up 15% time

Auto focused to depend on the cutting thickness of the customer. It is not a good idea to buy automatic focus If 90% of my cutting thickness under 3 mms, in fact, it does not make sense, the auto focus can be improve efficiency only if 3mm thickness metal cutting accounting for 50% or more.for example. the perforated time of 4-6mm carbon steel by automatic focus on 1000 watts (cutting gas is 02,We can't cut it with air but only oxygen. ) is 3.6 secs.But time would be 1.2 secs under the same conditions.. It means that we can save 2.1 secs per hole and 3.5 minutes at 100 holes for 6mm metal cuting. it means we speed up 15%-25% work time.What about manual focus's performance data on thin metal laser cutting?How long is the perforation time? The cutting time of manual focus is 1.2 secs and The cutting time of auto focuses is 0.7 secs.There is only 30 secs we can save from perforated time of 100 holes.You know it doesn't make sense of you.

3.Thin Metal Cutting Optimize,How to Pay less money,get better results-Speed up 15%

Do you believe that we can pay 800 watts machine money but get a better 1000 watts ability?here is a story. The basics of the kitchen utensils is all stainless steel. the cutting speed of 1.2mm thickness of stainless steel will be up to 18 meter/min by air, you would think that we are bragging. If we understand that what our client is cutting thin metal,The custom solution can be offered to speed up without paying a penny of your pocket.which means I spent 800 watts of money. But bought a 1000 watt working efficiency, In terms of cost, the price of the single module is as the same as the standard module price. This is the difference in the details, but the price of the single module and the dual module is different. The higher the power, the greater the price will be.

3 Software Settings - Speed Up 15%

Here is a story.It is a first machine we sold to zhongshan of China.The boss is dealing with battery box of electric fish machine,There were two boards in the front and about twenty holes in the rear... a bit like blinds, There are also two small fans, small screw holes, which were originally made with a punch. Why did he have to buy a laser cutting machine?? Because his customers always ask for changing the position of the hole on the battery box, he has to open a new mold every time. sometimes customers asked him to remove two holes.therefore,his need a high efficiency machine. there are three competitors. One's Cutting speed is 36 seconds. The other cutting speed is 32 seconds. The Qigo's speed is 29 seconds. what have we done to cut faster than others???It is only tiping we show to you.

  • limited height to save time.The distance between the two holes should be less than ten millimeters. How can the cutting machine moves? It needs to be up and down 2 times and move gantry to new place., and then cutting again. We have a question that why should cutting head rise up in a small distance? can we rise up after cutting all the holes. can we limit the height of it? Normally, our height can be up to 150 mms. Now let's limit it to 25mm, which is called the limited height.so we don't need to rise up.
  • Jumping Frog... .Have you ever seen a frog jump? A frog jumps on a diagonal line.If you are worried that his translation will Crashed through the way, you can use the leapfrog cutting, that is, jumps on a diagonal line..
  • Acceleration 1.5G. What is 1.5G Acceleration ? for example. If the cutting speed of machine is 15 meters/per minutes,therefore it would be 0.3 meters/per seconds, So 50 millisecond is the cutting speed. Your can not see it, high possibility it have already accelerated to the speed you want. This is the acceleration we are talking about, The cutting way can not run straightly. the laser cutting machine is always turning the corner. I don't need a cutting machine when I run straight. the shearing machine can meet our requirement.