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laser cutting cost calculation formula

2 year is investment return period of laser cutting machine that we calculated and recommend.the laser equipment is not recommended if ROI is more than 5 years.If 20mm metal cutting make up a relatively significant share (for example 80%) of your cutting rate.the plasma and flame cutting would be more cost-effective.Here you can find our

Online return on investment of laser cutting machine

the amount of fabricating is more important than profit margin. for example.If it is 10mm metal sheet.The laser cutting ¥ 8 cost per mm and ¥ 0.8 per Piercing.Therefore,The total fabricating cost is ¥40,000 per year and cutting length is 5,000 meter(40,000/8=5,000)
  • Not recommend if The total fabricating cost is ¥30,000 per month since we need 10 year to return the investment(¥30,000 *60% Margin =¥18,000,Machine Cost/ 12 * 18,000=10 years)
  • Recommend if The total fabricating cost is ¥40,000-¥50,000 per Month since we need 2-3 year to return the investment(¥40,000 *60% Margin =¥24,000,Machine Cost/ 12 * ¥ 24,000=2-3 years)
  • Recommend if The total fabricating cost is ¥40,000-¥50,000 per Month since we need 2-3 year to return the investment(¥50,000 *60% Margin =¥30,000,Machine Cost/ 12 * 30,000=2 years)

laser cutting cost calculation formula BEFORE buying laser cutting machine

What to Charge for Laser Cutting Services?You can calculate the fabricating cost by fabricating cost you paid out last month(does not contain materials).

Formula1:Investment Return Period=Machine Cost/Fabricating cost Monthly

if you do not know the cutting (blanking)cost.Formula2 may help you.fabricating cost=Outsoucing cost (materials+fabricating cost) divided by 2 fabricating cost will be about one half of the cutting cost.for example. if you need to pay $100,000 Outsoucing cost per month. So the fabricating cost will be about $50,000 per month.So how much can I save? The average rate of profit of laser cutting machine are between 50% to 60%. What does that mean? At least you can earn me $25,000 to $30,000. If the thickness of the metal sheet are between 4mm and 6mm, the basic 1000 watts can meet your requirements, I can return my investment of laser cutting machine in a year,is this great investment business? . This is cost-effective.

laser cutting cost calculation formula AFTER buying laser cutting machine?

Formula2:Investment Return Period=Machine Cost/(Income/Day-Expenses/Day)*Time

If we want to know laser cutting cost per hour and per mm.First we need to know how much workpiece we can earns in one-hour fabricating for the laser cutting machine), and then calculate how many pieces are produced totally in one-hour, so that the daily income can be calculated.

Fabricating Income Per workpiece=Metal Thickness* 0.8* Cutting Length+Metal Thickness*0.1*Piercing Quantity

All Expenses Daily =Electricity Expenses Multiplied by 3(labor costs, rent costs, equipment depreciation ) Daily production:you can calculate the daily output According to the cutting speed of the laser cutting machine..

Example:Quantity of workpieces per hour = workpiece time required / hourly workpiece * 0.6

Actual case: The workpiece takes time: 3.4+0.4=3.8 seconds
Hourly workpiece: 3600 seconds / 3.8 = 947
Actual production: 947 * 0.6 = 600

Example 2: ((140+352.5+52.5)X2+ 2X20*π+4*12*π+5*13*π)=1.57 meters

11 Piercing + 1 workpiece Piercing = 12 quantity
1.57 Meters *Thickness*Metal type+ 12 Piercing Quantity * 0.1 *Thickness*Metal type

Estimating your laser cutting costs

How to charge by per meter for laser cutting?

Example 3:(518.35+2126)/1000*1.2*1.2+8*0.1*1.2*1.2= ¥4.959 /workpiece

the cutting length is (400+78+300+60)X2+250+200) =2126mm, the cutting length of the diameter is (25+40+45+55)*π=518.35mm, material and thickness are multiplied by 1.2, So total cost will be (518.35+2126)/1000*1.2*1.2+8*0.1*1.2*1.2= ¥4.959 /workpiece

what should I charge for my laser work