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Who will buy a metal laser cutting machine?

The thin metal sheet cutting as well as higher machining accuracy on metal cutting is potential buyer of the laser cutting machine.So we have designed the software to select right power,speed of laser cutting machine

A guide to select laser cutting machine Online

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Why we analysis return on investment before we buy??

2 year return on investment is our standard.Therefore all choices are made to realize 2 year return on investment's target,therefore we need to select the right power,It is not only meeting the requirements of your production now but lay the foundation for next 6-8 years.Let's talk about 3 questions now.

  • Why we need laser cutting machine?
  • What kinds of laser cutting machine we need?
  • Who's laser cutting machine we buy from?

Why we need to choose right power?Do you want to spend extra $100,000 and 10 years for 10% orders?

What thickness taked up the greatest proportion of your cutting metal? 1.If you don't want to waste money ,Please tell us the cutting proportion for regular metal sheet.Let me tell you a story. One of our buyer said that 12mm to 16mm is the cutting thickness of his metal sheet and asking whether we can give some guides on power. The 6000W is the right machine we are going to recommended to customers.but we ask him a question immediately.What thickness taked up the greatest proportion of your cutting??Our client says it is 4 to 8 mm.

High possibility You will misunderstands the maximum cutting thickness and maximum percentage of cutting thickness

we almost made a mistake by recommend a three times cost machine to our clients.. Then we can ask a question that the 12 to 16mm's proportion of this stainless steel .does it exceed 10%? if the thickness of carton steel is 12 to 16mm, we must recommend 6,000 watts. The price of 6,000 watts is 3 times higher than that of 2,000 watts at least . That is to say,The ROI period will be delaying.you are going to pay extra $150,000 dollars for 10% proportion of products,The problem is not how much money to pay but not worth spending so much money. and second,do you think the accuracy of 12 to 16mm thickness of the sheet should be high?a cheap way would be better to cut the material. Or outsourcing center is right place that We can pay to cut the rest of 10% share products.

Can you cut the 16mm by 1000 watts laser cutting machine?What is different between quality cutting and maximum cutting?

We define a Quality Cutting as 'a continuous and stable cutting'.this is credible data insted of maximum data.Sometime we have been asking that can you cut the 16mm by 1000 watts laser cutting machine?Is there anyone want to see firing or holes blasting in working?we have been defined 'quality cutting'. No matter who you are, can you continuous and stable cut 16mm by 1000 watts? If the smooth surface is what you want to cut out in 500 watts.The 3mm cutting data can be promised and guarantee.

What is Continuous,stable cutting thickness?

  • Power
  • mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • 500W
  • 3mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 750W
  • 4.8mm
  • 2.1mm
  • 1000W
  • 6mm
  • 3mm
  • 1500W
  • 7.2mm
  • 3.6mm
  • 2000W
  • 9.6mm
  • 4.8mm
  • 3000W
  • 12mm
  • 7.2mm
  • 6000W
  • 14.4mm
  • 8.4mm

What decided the cutting's thickness and speed?

The laser cutting's thickness and speed are decided by laser generating and cutting air only.It has nothing to do with brand of laser generating.let me tell you a story.There are two 500 Watts laser cutting machine we sold to our client in shantou of China. The purchasing time between them is 5-6 months. because they fabrication aimed at different market .So one of machine is used for cutting stainless steel and the other is used for carbon steel, after 3 years of cutting.The machine which was used for stainless steel cutting is only 380 watts left and the other is 450 watts. It is power weaken or attenuation we want to tell you.

What is laser cutting machine's life

People's life is 100 years old, but they are retirement after 70 years old.Likewise,Laser cutting's life is 80,000 hours but high possibility they are retirement after 40,000 hours(10-14 years).The average attenuation rate(reduced rate) is 3%-5% based on different brand.When you do machine's power budgeted, you need to get the enough tolerance/allowance power left for future need.You can see the example.if machine works 10 hours a day.it will be work 3000 hours a year. therefore,it will be reducing 30% in 10 years. the original power(1000 Watts) have been reduced to 600 watts within 10 years.

Why we ask questions before recommending laser cutting machine?

Why do we ask so many questions, in fact, all we do is to calculate your return on investment and What kinds of blanking machine you need?We advise 2 years is payback period of machine.Please answer questions seriously before we provide cost-effective solutions if you are end-user.For example, if you are outsourcing center of us, I need to pay you $10,000,you have made a profit of more than $5,000 and $6,000 at least . The average rate of profit of laser cutting service are between 50% and 60%, if I buy the cutting machine and cutting metal by myself. then I can save for $5,000/per month and $50,000 in a year.if my metal thickness is 4 to 6mm and 1000 watts is enough. if the price of 1000w the equipment is less than $50,000, it means we will return the investment and have money pay back in a year. if we return our money does it mean we will make money in future 8-10years?? Therefore.Our questions are as follows:

  • 1.What is your cutting method?
  • 2.What kind of metal sheet are your cutting?for example.how to cut stainless steel sheet
  • 3.What is the thickness of metal sheet which share 90% are your cutting
  • 4.What is max thickness you cutting?Do you know the outsourcing cost of this metal?
  • 5What is fabricating cost you pay out every month(Excluding materials and only fabricating cost)
  • 6How many workers are there in your factory?

What was your cutting method and cutting cost?

  • If you are cutting metal by plate machine and punch's. you may be looking for an flexible production equipment.
  • If you are cutting metal by a plasma flame, you may be looking for a one time forming equipment.
  • If you are cutting metal by wire cutting or waterjet, you may be looking for a faster cutting machine
  • If you are cutting metal by carbon dioxide, you may be looking for lower energy consumption and cost machine
What is your blanking cost/month? If there are more than tens of thousands of dollars a month, it is very good investment in buying lasers. Sometimes we can not understand each other correct. for example.What we need is only cutting cost which do not contain cost of material or follow up bend,folded,welding,painting. What we want is the pure cutting cost only? Because the laser is a blanking device. We cut the metal sheet into the shape we want, sometimes And our customers did not count cost separately.It doesn't matter. The cutting cost is half of the processing fee,For example, if the processing fee is $100,000. How can we calculate cutting cost?? We divide $100,000 by two, $50,000 is pure cutting cost. Therefore, It can save our 50% cost which should to have paid out If we buy the laser cutting machine and cutting metal by ourself. it has been proved that 50%-60% average rate of profit is an accurate algorithm. If the thickness of the metal is between 4 and 6 mm, the basic 1000 watts power is enough, what if I can return all investment in a year in accordance with 50%-60% average rate of profit..is this investment return rate appropriate? this is idea we want to show to you. Why should we ask your about the original fabricating method? In this respect we hope that our customers' return on investment time will remain to two years, because the machine's life is up to 8 to 10 years, If I payback in two years, does that means I am making money in the remaining 6 to 8 years???

1.Why Cutting Plate Machine and Punch's Manufactory moved to laser cutting machine?

Let me show you What are the laser cutting's difference in punch machine,
cutting plate machine,Bending Machine Tool,plasma arc cutting and ..If you told me that you were cutting metal by cutting plate and punch,In our judgment,We do not think you will have a high standard of precision.
the precision of punch is mm,But The accuracy of laser is calculated by 0.1mm It is impossible to calculate the accuracy in millimeters.
And second we think the shape of the product is varied, because the plate machines Unable to cut bevel and arc,Can you cut it out? thr punch means that
your pattern does not change every time, becuase we need a mold to match the punch, The shape of mould is the products is based on the shape of mould.you can't
afford even a mold if the pattern is varied, you need to pay hundreds for ordinary tools and even hundreds of thousands for composite molds. Why Cutting Plate
Machine and Punch's Cutomers Buy laser cutting machine?the customer's requirement is that my original fabricating method is too traditional, we need flexible
production now,that is the reason we want to buy laser cutting machine.

How many workers are there in your factory?

if there are only two employees in your company.We do not think it is a good idea of buying laser cutting machine only when a future need is what you worry. It only saves you one labour costs at most.For example.You need to pay CNY $6000 salary per month and CNY $72000 per year.if the laser cutting machine 's price is $300,000.The payback time is 4 years.Therefore,we will remind you of the ROI time we had calculated.However high added value is what we need.actually we shall have to be very rigorous when we balance the books!

2.Plasma Cutting vs Laser Cutting

Plasma flame cutting machine is uncontrollable. You may have a misunderstanding, e.g if you used to cut metal by a plasma flame but want to buy a laser now because laser cutting is fast? it is not accurate. It is not only fast but it can save your time and money in follow-up procedure. Why ? Let me give you a simple example. if you cut a thick carbon steel by a 100 amp(P40) plasma flame, The fastest speed we can run is 12 meters, and P80 can run to 1.2 meters. The cost of plasma flame could be only $10,000 which is 1/6 of laser cutting machine.So why we need to think about laser cutting machine? Only if the accuracy and follow-up procedure can help us make money and win more orders. let's see their advantages and disadvantages, The laser cutting's advantages and different is that it is one time forming, we do not need to waste time in following up burr ,flashing,drilling, polish and trim..

  • 1.First Weakness: The face of plasma flame cut is slopes.It is not straight
  • 2.Second Weakness is that the face of plasma flame cut has burrs.Burrs are raised metal that feels rough to the touch.You can find a lot of slags or burrs after plasma cutting.High possibility you need to remove the burrs with a pick and shovel
  • 3.Third weakness is unable to cut small holes.Let me give you an example.Some of our clients that are manufacturing Chassis and cabinets will need to cut ∅22 hole or even more smaller like ∅16 Threading hole and ∅4 or ∅6 Cleaning hole.Can you plasma flame cut works for ∅6 to ∅22?We do not think it works.in other words.as long as you choose the right gas, there is no burr in laser cutting.But if your import wrong parameters, You can find burrs as well.In terms of the accuracy of the small holes, the laser cuting machine can be 1:1, but the selected gas is very important, in one words. laser cutting machine can do one-time forming, you do not need Re-processing for example. trimming,drilling,polish.
  • 4.low precision is required.. for example. If you cutting metal by plasma but have requirements on the accuracy and appearance of this product,High possibility we need cut the slope by trimming machine , and you have to make it straight by the oblique direction.what's more .you may need to cut the burrs by shovels or flashing machine, The hole design isn't precise enough.we can only drill the square or a round hole again.because there is no better solution. If it's an irregular shape, how can you drill holes? Theremore.There is a powder injection process of plasma flame cutting. What does it mean to spray powder? because the plasma flame doesn't have enough precision. I don't want to punch holes directly on it. The spray powder will help us find right position to mark and make a hole,It can be used in the shipbuilding industry, in which low precision is required.for example. one or two millimeters.
  • 5.Thermal deformation, plasma's thermal deformation is more than laser cutting machine, the thermal deformation of laser cutting machine are very small, Threre is a cutting technology called William, William can prevent machine from thermal deformation, William means that we do not cut corners off , leave a gap from 0.05 to 0.1 mm, in a words. thermal deformation is a common problem of plasma flame, for example.High possibility you can not find slope or tiny slope in laser cutting.The first reason for the slope is our wavelength.the 2rd reason for the slope is table.Theremore.The vertical direction which between material table and laser head need to be no more than 0.03mm.. otherwise.Qigo laser machine's Unilateral error is no more than 0.01mm for example.You do not care if you cut the thin sheet metal. But you can see error if cutting the 8-10 mm metal.

3.Why Wire-Electrode Cutting Manufactory Moved To Laser Cutting Machine?

3-liner cutting,The accuracy (0.5mm)of wire cutting is as same as that of laser, Another advantage of wire cutting is that you can cut anything or thickness you want. But only drawback is slow speed cutting.

4.Why Water Jet Cutting Manufactory Moved To Laser Cutting Machine?

the only drawback of water jet scalpels is slow.The principle of water cutting is that cut the metal with emery and big pressure, but what are its advantages? It is cold-worked metal which means you do not need to worry the deformation, the other advantages are that you can cut anything you want.We don't have to worry the selection of cutting materials. there is another advantage. The three-dimensional 3D can be cutting as well.The laser cutting machine has a relatively requirement on cutting material. For example, some customers say that he wants to cut 20 mms of aluminum. Are you kidding me??How much power and cost is for laser machine??

5.Why Carbon Dioxide Cutting Manufactory Moved To Laser Cutting Machine?

The advantage of carbon dioxide cutting is that you can cut anything you want, but its disadvantage is that it is running in high energy consumption, For example, Does the energy consumption of 3000 watts of carbon dioxide be less than 50 kWh?It is 3 times energy consumption than laser cutting machine. The other disadvantage is that high cost on consumptive material for example. lenses, and it needs to be adjustments after a period of time.