Qigo Tube laser Cutting Machine

Qigo fiber laser tube cutting machine is specially designed for pipe manufacturer industry, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing industry and chemical equipment industry. It is a high-efficiency and high-precision pipe automatic cutting equipment, which can not only cut round pipe square tube, rectangular tube,intersecing face. The utility model has the advantages of high production efficiency, stable cutting quality and high cutting precision, and the parts can be directly welded,the error of soldering seam is ≤±0.5mm.

Qigo Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Qigo Laser Tube Cutting Machine
metal tube laser cutting machine

How To Cut The Tube Or Pipe By Laser Cutting Machine

How To Cut The Tube Or Pipe By Laser Cutting Machine

Cleanliness and no slag is feature of tube laser cutting machine

The tube and pipe laser cutting machine are designing for client that needs High precision fabricating from tube in Small and medium sized. We advise the plasma cutting for large size tube.as the same time.The other different is that the cleanliness of the inner wall of tube.You can not find any burrs or slag falling into the pipe when we cut the pipe.

Can angle iron, channel steel, h steel, I-beam be cutting by laser cutting machine?

What should I do if the laser cutting machine can't cut through? the thickness of angle iron, channel steel, h-shaped steels may be 5mm in this place, but the thickness may be change to 8 millimeters in another place, the 5mm can be cut by 1000 watts with 120 amps current and 50,000 frequency. but the 8 mm may not cut through.how to solve problems?we used to solve the problems by drawing.We can cut Through the angle iron in twice, the channel steel, h steel should be cut through by three times. but nokw our cutting head can be changed into a pointed one. there is a flat and sharp nozzle of laser cutting head as well.for example. the wire mesh can be cut by big head nozzle.so we need to understand each application..

Parameter Of Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Parameter Of Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Cnc Pipe Laser Cutting Process

Cnc Pipe Laser Cutting Process

Qigo Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine can be used to cut the metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel, nickel-titanium alloy, inconel, titanium alloy. Our client is related to aerospace, automotive steamships, machinery manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, advertising production, home appliance manufacturing, medical equipment, hardware, decoration, metal processing services and other manufacturing industries.

structure layout of stainless steel tube laser cutter machine

structure layout of stainless steel tube laser cutter machine

How to ensure the accuracy of laser cutting machine?How can guarantee ±0.2 accuracy

First, all structure design of our chucks wants to solve the problem of concentricity in which can guarantee that concentricity of the chuck is completely consistent,you can find a single linkage or four linkage,double linkage,we must have four claws in iron plate cutting, single linkage means four paws are completely free in grabbing and relax, Why some customers make a quickly decision in buying qigo's machine? therefore, the customers find the benefits of our double linkage. you need to adjust the the pipe diameter by manual if it is four linkages.you can find a ruler in other opponents, a steel ruler with a scale of it.the accuracy confirmation of our opponents is checking with rules,therefore,The error may be more than 1 mm,that Is reasoning that many buyers are not satisfied with accuracy of tube laser cutting? ±0.2 is what we guarantee to our customers in the dimensional accuracy of tube laser cutting machine . the advantage of four linkages is suitable for cutting equal diameter tubes,for example,round or square tubes, but there is troublesome in cutting flat tube,the adjustment is very troublesome.

Cnc Pipe And Tube Cutting Process

Cnc Pipe And Tube Cutting Process

did manual Double linkage chuck is right for me? What is the accuracy of the manual chuck?

The diameter of manual chuck can be stretching out and draw back by rotating the rocker.You don't need to ensure the accuracy by eye. Since it is a two-link, then our transmission structure must be in the form of a gear plus a turbine. We have complained that our chuck is sometimes stuck. He said that your precision is too high and too tight, you will get stuck by a little bit of dust. we need to clean by brush twice a day,Because the gap is too small, I have something like iron dust and so on. It is equal to our operation. It should be cleaned twice a day. Open the lid and brush it inside. Can we loosen a little? The precision we have done before is 0.3mm, so it is not easy to get him stuck,all the errors will be doubled for the tube.for example. if one-way precision is 0.3mm, the cutting precision could be double(0.6mm). Double linkage is our feature now, All laser cutting machine equipped with double linkage,whether you are a manual or an electric chuck, or Other chucks... there is no error caused by the operator's adjustment of the jaws, Therefore,the manual driving chuck is right machine for client who 's a Large diameter span but with the small workload.

The jacking reducer wheel is used for saving effort and automatic material loading

the reducer of us is a little curved shape. The top lift are for labor saving automatic loading into the future. if weight of the customer's pipe is heavier, it is more difficult for a person to move up. It must be coordinated with the train. you can put this thing in the diameter wheel, it is more convenient for automatic loading.

The manual change of diameter is in order to close to tube as much as possible

The change of diameter are in order to close to tube as much as possible during the cutting process, so that the tube does not swing too much when rotating around high speed, The swing of cutting incision of thin tube will have effect on precision it will fluctuate up and down, and there is no way to cut it. So try to make it a straight line when we cut.the diameter will not be same every time.So it can be adjusted according to different positions and different diameters of pipes.

What should I do if the pipe becomes deformed? Do you have an automatic tracing-edge?

3000A we have the function of automatic tracing-edge of laser-cutting, but there are 2 defects, the first defect is that automatic tracing-edge will be become invalid by cutting angle iron, channel steel, h steel,you can only solve it by drawing.. The second flaw,The automatic tracing-edge will be running one time, We can not deal with deformed by itself at the last paragraph of the tube

Do you have a Multiple automatic tracing-edge software?

the precision of 3000a system is more than 0.4mm, but 5000a software can find the edge multiple times and can guarantee the consistency of precision.the precision of 5000a is 0.05mm,but 5000a is optional for simple version and pre-installed for Deluxe version

When do you recommend customers pneumatic driving chucks? What are the advantages of pneumatic chucks?

The Electric or pneumatic driving chuck will be selected on change of stroke and thickness of wall. If the wall thickness is 1MM, Electric or pneumatic can not be used. Electric chuck is suitable for large diameter, especially suitable for thickness of pipes is more than 1.5 or more, but the pressure can not be adjusted, and the specifications can not be changed greatly. The advantages of electric chuck are as follows:

  • The first one is fast,pneumatic ones needs to be tested, therefore,it is slower.
  • If the customer's wall thickness is more than 2mm,it is sure to use the electric chuck
  • One advantage of the electric chuck is that its clamping pressure can be very tight,
  • His range can be infinitely. If the worst come to the worst, the length of ball screw can be lengthening. You can do as much as you want, but the pneumatic chuck is subject to his cylinder range. You can't make a cylinder of 1 meter.

When do you recommend electric driving chuck?

The thickness of wall is more than 2mm, theremore,the pneumatic chuck has a cylinder, so his defects are as below:

  • stroke range can not be too large, basically within 100, such as 20 to 260, 30 to 270, this means that this is related to thickness
  • if the thickness of tube wall less than 2mm, but my stroke range is 300, that is, 60 to 300, so you can use pneumatic chucks, there is a range between the minimum and maximum, we can not have infinite, The minimum range of electric can be start from zero.

Intersecting line cutting machine

CNC XG series CNC Intersecting line cutting machine is an automatically calculating and cutting device for the intersecting line hole as well as the intersecting line end and the elbow of the joint of steel pipe and non-ferrous metal pipe. The machine is widely used in the cutting of pipeline structural parts in the construction, chemical, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electric power and other industries. In the past, there are many steps,for example,prototypes, scribing, manual lofting, manual cutting, manual grinding, etc. CNCXG series CNC pipe iIntersecting line cutting machine can easily cut without operator calculation and programming. It only needs to type in the pipe radius, intersection angle and other parameters of the pipe intersecting system, and the machine can automatically cut out the phase of the pipe. Cross lines, intersecting line holes and welding grooves.

Digital Proof Of Intersecting Line Pipe Laser Cutting Machine
Intersecting Line Tube Laser Cutting Machine
Sample Of Laser Tube Cutting Machine