Where to buy a used laser cutting machine?

We are not only producing the all-new laser cutting machine but also the used laser cutting equipment. When we doing customer investment and cost analysis. the premise is that our client who are going to purchase laser cutting machine will be deal with outsourcing work from others.we need to show you how we charge for fabricating from end-users.but it should be more cheaper if you buy a used laser cutting machine,

What is advantage of Used Cnc Laser Cutting Machine?

if you wan to buy buy used laser cutting machine. Is the used laser cutting machine worth buying? The buyer of used laser cutting machine is dealers of laser cutting machine. The advantage of used laser cutting machine is that it is cheap, so it can definitely make a large profit, but you may need a professional purchasing manager to pick up the right machine.

A guide for buying Used Cnc Laser Cutting Machine

power attenuation
The average lifetime of laser cutting machine is 80,000 hours. After 40,000 hours, it is basically dead. The average power attenuation of IPG and N-LIGHT laser transmitter is 3% every 3000 hours, and Reco is 4%, chuangxin is 5%. if the machine Working 10 hours a day, 3000 hours a year, you can find 30% power attenuation in 10 years,for example. the original power is 1000Watts.But now only 600 watts left after 10 years.
No Warranty
the machine may be sold for various reasons and cannot be compared with new machines in terms of performance. At the same time, used laser cutting machines often lose the manufacturer's warranty. Some cutting machines may have product defects, because they are used, do you have any worry to use it?can you confirm that the laser cutting machine equipment can not create value for it,in a words,these risks need to be undertaken by you.